Medium Hairstyles

Medium hairstyles are very common cuts. A medium length hair cut has many advantages to consider when picking a hair style. This kind of cut suits many different hair types, face shapes and personalities which is why it is such a common pick amongst women. There should be several things to consider before taking on a medium hair cut, including your face shape, the body and condition of your hair, amongst other things.

So here is a list of the many advantages a medium hairstyle can offer as well as their weaker points, all of which should be considered whenever picking a new hairstyle.

To make your decision an easy one we have compiled some helpful tips to ease your way into your new style. Here is a list of Pros and Cons for medium hairstyles:

Medium Hair Styles
First, let’s look at some Pros:

Versatility. A medium hairstyle has a bit of the easy manageability and control of short hairstyles but at the same time, keeps some of the versatility and expression of longer styles. It’s also great choice for people of all hair types and face shapes.

Your Important Features. A layered medium hairstyle can accentuate many of your facial features. This cut can also bring into perspective your neck where as a short hairstyle might over do it. On the flip side, medium hair styles can also serve to hide other, less desired, features.

Selection. One of the best advantages of having a medium cut is the different kinds of styles it allows you to explore. Attending a formal event? You can still whip out a cute and charming updo. If you want something edgier or more casual all you have to do is change a few details and you’ve got it.

Security. If you step out of the hair salon with a bad cut then you can go back and get it changed (or try a different salon!) you don’t have to worry about having to wait for you hair to grow back to it’s original length like you would with a long style, or stay stuck with a bad hair style for an unreasonably long time like you would with a short cut.

No hairstyle comes without its cons, so here are the Cons for medium hairstyles :

Maintenance. A medium hairstyle is great for women with a busy life style but still want that fresh look. Not as easy to manage as a short cut, this style will require maintenance with good shampoos and conditioners. For the sportier types out there, medium hairstyles can be a hassle if you can’t tie it at the back.

Authenticity. Although many different styles are available to you in a medium cut, you can’t achieve a real classical updo or style it to the comfort of a short hairstyle.

A medium hair style is only expandable so much. It offers a common ground but can’t completely satisfy the athletic or the classy.

The best way to be sure about choosing the right hairstyle length is to find the style you like, print it off and go visit your hair stylist. There is also a really cool hairstyle software that will allow you to try on a hairstyle on your computer!

Medium Hair Styles
Some people might try to discourage you or scare you away, but stand your ground. It’s all about you, your style and comfort and being your confident self. Find out for yourself if a medium hairstyle if for you by browsing our medium hairstyle picture gallery.